Securely Document Your Investor Relationships, Online! Stay 506(b) Compliant!


$1,497/YR $497/YR

  • Personalized Profile to virtually satisfy 506(b) requirements and independently document investor relationships
  • Have documented proof that you know the other party, and that they know you
  • Includes two 'investor profile' recordings per year, and two 'take down' requests
  • Unlimited relationship connections with members
  • Secure, Industry-Leading Third-Party Documentation
  • Set it and forget it with NO TECH SKILLS REQUIRED


What's in it for me?

Syndicators are required to document their investor relationships, and they're using for the protection of their businesses from bad actors. logs the date and time when a member requests access, is allowed access, and learns what the syndicator does and how their syndications work -- Virtually.

The best part is that investors think they're 'just watching a video'.   And it's all verified by a third-party (that's us).

This way, if a bad actor claims they were solicited without a prior existing relationship, the syndicator has leading-edge evidence to falsify that claim.

Why accredited investors should prepare for 506(b) compliance, even if they plan to use a 506(c)?

Syndications are so capital intensive that accredited investors often run out of accredited friends.

Also, 506(c) requires verification of your assets, but 506(b) only requires verification of your relationship and proof of sophistication.

As a result, accredited investors often opt for a 506(b) raise.

And since 506(c) raises exclude those who do not meet the financial requirements of being an accredited investor, having the documentation of compliance in place is better to have and not need than need and not have.

Why do I need to document my investor relationships?

Passive investments are usually only open to people wealthy enough or earning enough to be 'accredited investors'.

506(b) allows up to 35 people who don't meet those requirements to pool money together for a 'syndication'.

While offerings for accredited investors (such as a 506(c)) require verification of their accredited status, the 506(b) instead requires that you don't include people who lack the sophistication AND you need to document evidence in case of an SEC audit.

But to be clear, 'syndication' means that some people are doing work for profit, and they're offering a piece of that profit and ownership to people who will NOT be doing the work that creates profit.

If things go bad in a syndication, investors can go to the SEC, and if you failed to document your relationships in a 506(b) raise you may be subject to fines, and be required to add disclaimers to all of your business emails and websites. is designed to make an unusual requirement simple to satisfy, with simple to understand profiles to debunk claims you are soliciting strangers and skirting the SEC's requirements by doing so.

What do people normally do without

People either email everyone in their CRM and break the law, or tag the contacts who have a compliant relationship (which isn't proof) and only email them.

CRMs aren't built for this, and I should know because I worked on thousands of CRM setups in a large number of premium platforms.


*You will be required to schedule a recording to complete this reservation.

What do well-funded businesses normally do without

We would use web analytics to save all of your devices and web tracking habits, and create numbers that automatically create contact records with your call display information.

Some state laws restrict the capability to record and automatically transcribe investor phone calls.

In those situations, security and documentation would show still boil down to data submitted from forms. tracks the availability of key disclosures, and gives easily documented records to provide compliance for a very specific problem, and charging as little as possible to do it.

Why hasn't my securities attorney told me about

I haven't met enough securities/SEC attorneys. Yet.

Does work with my current CRM?

Yes. Our team works with you to ensure people who view your profile page are added to your CRM via your CRM's webform.

Why doesn't this cost a lot more?

Adoption of the platform depends on keeping the platform inexpensive, even though marketing is expensive.

Why should I start documenting my relationships now? Why not next year?

The closer the digital record is to the truth, the more valuable it is as evidence.

Any time a virtual assistant manually feeds contact information into a system, or uploads in bulk, data is lost.

Making the members database an actual networking tool for your business is conceivably the most airtight documentation process as it's fully third party verified.

The people on want to be found by people with deals, or people with capital, but they're not allowed (and YOU are not allowed) to discuss 506(b) deals on the first touch.

By creating a profile, you AND other members vet each other before wasting each other's time.

And controlling your time is how you balance your life.

So, why today?

It's so you can stop thinking about it.

Do I have to subscribe annually to Can I pay monthly?

Our bills happen year-round, the platform is based on transparency (so you should stay visible), and the service is as inexpensive as possible, so we can't have people appear on the platform for a month and vanish into thin air.

As a result, all memberships are billed annually.

What happens if I stop paying you? (

Free accounts are actually free, but your profile for compliance is unavailable.

Your connection data is never deleted (as your investors will still need to document their relationship with you), but your profile will be unavailable, and you will not be able to access your relationships or document new ones until you upgrade your account.


*You will be required to schedule a recording to complete this reservation.

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